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Neck Pain? It Could Be an Alignment Issue

Your spine is an integral part of your musculoskeletal system. When it’s properly aligned, you stand tall and feel good. When your spine is out of alignment, you can experience pain and other symptoms that interfere with your mobility and your quality of life.

At Medical Wellness Group, chiropractor Dr. James Appell offers a variety of nonsurgical, chiropractic treatments to help you find immediate and long-lasting relief of persistent neck pain and back pain. The spinal adjustments Dr. Appell makes can also boost your overall wellness and ensure your body is functioning optimally.

Recognizing misalignments in your spine

A properly aligned spine creates a straight line down your back and makes a positive difference from your head down to your feet, which helps you maintain good posture.

When the vertebrae in your spine move out of place, it can lead to persistent pain. Where you experience the pain depends on where the misalignment occurs.

If you have misalignments in your cervical spine (neck), which includes vertebrae from C1 to C7, you might experience persistent neck pain and reduced range of motion in your neck and shoulders.

Cervical spinal misalignments can also cause persistent fatigue and headaches if not properly treated. If a misaligned vertebra presses on nearby nerves, you might experience tingling, weakness, and numbness in your shoulders, arms, and hands.

If the misalignment occurs in your thoracic (middle) or lumbar (lower) spine, pain can develop in your mid or lower back and radiate into your hips and down into your legs.

Primary causes of spinal misalignments

When your spinal vertebrae move out of place, it can be due to reasons that are physical, chemical, or emotional.

Physical factors

The physical factors that can lead to misalignments in your spine include falls, auto accidents, and other types of physical trauma.

You can also develop spinal misalignments if you participate in sports or other activities that require repetitive movements that put stress on your spine and the muscles that support it.

Chemical factors

The chemicals in your body are responsible for many functions in your body, including your muscle tone and the proper alignment of your spine

If there’s a chemical imbalance in your body caused by vitamin deficiencies or a poor diet, it can throw your whole system out of whack and lead to persistent pain, muscle cramping, and fatigue.

Emotional factors

Too much daily stress or emotional overload can cause tension in your back, neck, and shoulders that trigger misalignments in your spine.

In addition to the resulting pain, you might also experience noticeable changes in your mental health because of ongoing stress.

Unfortunately, many people develop chronic neck pain and back pain because of a combination of physical, emotional, and chemical factors. The good news is that with routine chiropractic care, you can effectively treat all three causes of spinal misalignments.

Treatment options to correct spinal misalignments

Our team at Medical Wellness Group customizes your care plan to help ease your neck pain and promote healing from within. Dr. Appell performs manual chiropractic adjustments to shift cervical vertebrae back into place.

You might also benefit from the DRX9000™ True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System that creates more space in your spine to relieve pressure on surrounding nerves and prevent pain in your neck and back.

To learn more about your options for treating spinal misalignments that cause neck pain, contact us today or book a consultation online.

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