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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy has long been a beacon of hope for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain and debilitating conditions without the risk of surgery or medications. Traditionally, this therapy involves the use of bone marrow, adipose tissue, or tissue from a relative.

However, at Medical Wellness Group, we have redefined the landscape of regenerative medicine by harnessing the extraordinary potential of Wharton’s jelly-derived human cellular tissue.

Dr. James Appell and his dedicated team provide this advanced, non-surgical solution for pain relief, and we invite you to discover how our cutting-edge cell therapy treatment could be the key to your well-being.

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Here are some of the conditions that we successfully treat with human cellular tissue (HCT):

  • Osteoarthritis: It can help repair damaged joint tissues and alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Chronic Pain: For individuals suffering from persistent pain, it provides a non-surgical alternative to manage and alleviate discomfort.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Torn ligaments, tendons, and muscle injuries can benefit because it stimulates tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Cardiovascular Conditions: It approaches hold potential for repairing damaged heart tissues and improving heart function after cardiac events.
  • Wound Healing: Chronic wounds and ulcers can heal more effectively with the application of cellular therapies, promoting tissue regeneration.
  • Diabetes: It is explored as a means to restore insulin-producing cells in the pancreas for diabetes management.

Considering Stem Cell Therapy in Columbus? Get The Facts First!

Stem cell therapy presents two primary treatment options: adipose tissue stem cell therapy and bone marrow stem cell therapy. Before embarking on this journey, it’s vital to delve into the nuances of each therapy, as they both entail specific risks and benefits.

Stem Cell Treatment Worthington, OH

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy: This approach involves extracting cells from your bone marrow or that of a close relative to address your health condition. However, this procedure is notorious for its invasiveness and discomfort, as it necessitates drilling into the bone, carrying an inherent risk of infection.

Additionally, there’s the potential for stem cells to migrate to unintended locations, diminishing the quality of treatment. Aging can also reduce the healing capabilities of stem cells extracted from bone marrow.

Adipose Tissue Stem Cell Therapy: This method entails the extraction of stem cells from fat tissue to alleviate pain. While less invasive than bone marrow extraction, this procedure has its risks, as toxins are often stored in fat tissue and can be reintroduced into the body during injection.

Similar to bone marrow-derived stem cells, fat tissue-derived cells may have diminished efficacy due to aging.

Human Cellular Tissue Therapy We Provide For Chronic Pain

At Medical Wellness Group, we’ve chosen a path less traveled by opting for cell therapy derived from Wharton’s jelly. This remarkable cell tissue is sourced from donated umbilical cords, generously provided by mothers following scheduled C-sections.

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Joint Pain Worthington, OHWhat sets this tissue apart is its youth and potency, brimming with a diverse array of potent healing compounds that remain at their peak efficacy.

The injections we administer are a concoction of essential properties, including:

  • Peptides
  • Proteins
  • Growth factors
  • Cytokines
  • Lipids
  • Exosomes
  • Amino acids
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • And much more

When injected into compromised or damaged tissues, these regenerative treatments kickstart your body’s natural healing process. They address the root cause of your pain. This process is characterized by its rapidity, minimal risk. It often culminates in same-day discharge for patients.

Furthermore, the risk of rejection is significantly reduced since the tissue components are young and have not developed their immune system.

If you’ve been contemplating stem cell therapy in Columbus, Worthington, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Dublin, Johnstown, or any nearby city in Ohio, we invite you to connect with us today.

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